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Breuss Associates Solutions has been developing, installing & supporting labor management solutions for businesses of all sizes and industries. Time Tracker 2002 provides a integrated software solutions for time tracking.

Founded in 1995 as a custom software solution house, Breuss Associate Solutions has provided a wide range of software solutions. Mr. Jerry Breuss is President and Chief Executive Officer for Breuss Associates, Ltd., a member of Breuss Group. Mr. Breuss is thoroughly involved with the production of all development managment, project management and the strategic aspects of the organization.

In 2000, Breuss Associates Solutions released its first fully-parameterized software product for automated software development time keeping Time Tracker 2000. Time Tracker was developed and written by Mr. Breuss. Since then, the Breuss Associates Solutions Time Tracking Products has been sold and distributed worldwide. The latest version of Time Tracker 2002 includes update management and reporting functionality.