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Breuss Associates Solutions Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to watch and help YOU! We keep our eye on our Customer!

Every day, we answer a wide variety of time and attendance system questions from prospective customers. Of course, there's no possible way to cover every issue revolving around labor tracking in this type of format. However, the following are some of the more common questions we receive on a daily basis:

1. Can the Time Tracker 2002 System Automate Our Organization's Time keeping Policies?

Without question, the Time Tracker 2002 system is a mature and stable time tracking systems. Having the benefit of over 7 years of industry expertise and experience, Time Tracker 2002 supports a wide variety of time tracking rules -- WITHOUT EXPENSIVE CUSTOM PROGRAMMING!

In all likelihood, your needs can be handled by our software -- even if they are complex or business-specific. We are more than happy to analyze your requirements and let you know how our system can accommodate your needs.

3. What If My Company Has Multiple Locations?

Most of our current time keeping clients have multiple locations, so we've developed time tracking data collection solution to meet the diverse needs of a scattered and remote workforce. Time Tracker 2002 has a data collection option that is both convenience and cost-effective, whether you're tracking time for 20 employees or 20,000

7. What kind of Support Can My Company Expect from TimeTrak 'After the Sale'?

To say Support is our specialty is an under-statement. Clearly, Breuss Associates Solutions is committed to providing fast, courteous and knowledgeable support to both our customers and business partners. There is nothing worse than a time tracking system that breaks down and there's no one to help get it back on-line. Unfortunately, this is an all too commonplace situation and we agree: there too many companies focused on sales efforts and providing little or no real support.

As a privately held company, Breuss Associates Solutions has consistently delivered results year-after-year. While the publicly traded companies in our business are committed to the 'bottom line' and accountable to their stockholders to deliver ever-increasing revenue streams & profit margins, Breuss Associates Solutions is answerable only to its customers -- our "stockholders".

Breuss Associates Solutions offers both business-hours support and mission critical 24/7 support, by annual agreement. More importantly, Time Tracker 2002 's software support entitles you to the following:

  • FREE Software Version Upgrades
  • Access to Breuss Associates Solutions Support Staff by Phone/Email
  • Access to Remote Diagnostic Support via Modem, Network IP Connection or the Web.
  • Guaranteed 24-Hour Turnaround Time-Frame on Bug Fixes.

24Hr/7Day 'Mission Critical' Support available by annual agreement.