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Breuss Associate Solutions Services

At Breuss Associates Solutions, we prefer to take all the 'mystery' and guesswork out of implementation and training for our Time Tracker 2002 system. Breuss Associates Solutions has successfully subscribed to the belief that most time and attendance systems should be (and are) able to go live after only a matter of days.

Below are just a few of the implementation issues Breuss Associates Solutions will help you with:

* System Hardware and Software Requirements

  • Definition & Division of Tasks/Responsibilities
  • Software Installation and Configuration
  • Software Customization (where applicable)
  • Data Collection Configuration and Testing
  • End-User & Supervisor Training
  • Follow-Up & Support Services

Whether your company employs 20 or 20,000 employees, you will most likely need most if not all of the above services we provide. Our implementation and training methodology is both effective and time-tested -- continually developed and improved. We pay close attention to identifying your time tracking system objectives and helping you achieve YOUR goals -- not ours.


System Hardware and Software Requirements Analysis

This is the first and most important step in beginning the implementation of your time and attendance system. Without properly identifying and defining all relevant requirements, the success of your implementation will be in serious question. To ensure that ALL system hardware and software requirements are covered, Breuss Associate Solutions has developed a comprehensive pre-installation survey that identifies and covers key areas of the Time Tracker 2002

A trained Breuss Associates Solutions representative will personally guide you through each part of the survey, ensuring that all system requirements are thoroughly covered and understood. At Breuss Associate Solutions, the best way to apply our software's is to learn how your operation works and how you're currently processing labor data. Any apparent 'gaps' that may appear between your policies and our system parameters will be identified and discussed UP FRONT -- not once you've already spent numerous dollars and labor hours attempting to get your system to work. Then, we'll work to bridge those gaps using any one of several options that are available, according to your specific needs.


Software Customization

Although software customization is the exception to the rule, rather than the rule itself, our professional software development staff will work with you to provide the best possible solution to your most complex pay policy situations. Let one of our experienced representatives work with you to determine if this alternative is even required for your individual system.


Follow Up and Support Services

Breuss Associate Solutions provides the industry's best ongoing maintenance and support services today. These on-going support services can be delivered in a variety of ways, including dial-up, inter net-based, or telephone support. Various support packages are available as an option, including the following:

Standard "Business Hours" Telephone & On-line Support
Remote PC/Web Software Support & Remote Diagnostic Assistance
24/7 Mission Critical Support
Incident-Based Telephone (Bill-able support services by the hour)

Additional information on Project Time Tracking for projects is available on line at the Project Management Institute.

Project Management Institute